Our Approach

How do we aim to achieve our goal?

Our view is that air pollution does not get the political focus it merits because politicians aren’t convinced that this issue is important to citizens. Further, Government needs support to help implement measures to combat this menace. That’s why we will address the problem through a 3-tier approach:

Citizen Engagement

Citizen Engagement

Increase citizen engagement for greater political salience

  • Political will is a critical enabler since the mitigation action typically takes year before impact is visible
  • To sustain action, air pollution needs to became a relevant issue among the people

Policy Research

Policy Research

Provide design, research and evidence-based support to government on policy formulation

  • Support government by providing evidence on the impact of policies

  • Support on policy formulation and evaluation to make policies more actionable and enforceable

Implementation Support

Implementation Support

Support government’s implementation efforts by helping plug capacity gaps

  • Support government through the skill and capacity building

  • Provide support in monitoring and control of initiatives

Why is this Important?

Political will is a critical component of the battle against air pollution. That’s because mitigation action typically take years before the impact is visible. This long term focus is just not possible without a Government that is committed to act. And, not surprisingly, Governments prioritize issues that they believe are important to citizens. Hence, the need to make people realize how crucial it is to improve the quality of air around us.

The good news is that numerous efforts have been made at the policy level. From the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) to Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) to the Comprehensive Action Plan (CAP), various policy initiatives are in place. It is now up to the state Governments and Pollution Control Boards to ensure initiatives are implemented effectively. The support we provide, on implementation planning and execution, will ensure just this.